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Approvals & Licenses

… for your safety and proven quality: we are the best fit!

Are you looking for a partner you can rely on at all times? We know that you can absolutely rely on us. So that you also have this certainty, we submit ourselves to a wide variety of external audits and the scrutiny of independent bodies. One way we demonstrate our guaranteed quality and reliability in project handling in stainless-steel tank construction at the Bolz-EDEL Group, is through our diverse approvals:

  • Certified manufacturer according to AD 2000 – Merkblatt HP 0
  • Certified manufacturer according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2
  • Approved manufacturer for pressure equipment according to the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68 / EU
  • Approved manufacturer for pressure equipment according to ASME Code, Section VIII, Division 1
  • Approved manufacturer for stainless steel structures according to DIN EN 1090-2 EXC2
  • Manufacturer of storage vessles for water-polluting liquids
  • Manufacturer for vessels according to WHG §19 I (Water Management Act)
  • Quality management system ISO 9001: 2015
  • Environmental management system ISO 14001: 2015
  • ÖNORM M7812 part 1
  • SVTI / ASIT approval for self-testing according to the pressure vessel ordinance


… because you can only drive safely with the right ingredients!

Do you need a corrosion-resistant, maybe even chemical and salt water resistant vessel? No problem, we only process stainless steels with a wide variety of material properties for you – tailored to your products, media and processes. These include:

Drinking water resistant stainless steels

  • 1.4301
  • 1.4307
  • 1.4541
Duplex rust-free stainless steels
  • 1.4162
  • 1.4462
Higher alloy Stainless steels
  • 1.4404
  • 1.4571
  • 1.4435
Highly corrosion resistant special materials
  • Hastelloy
  • Titan
Sea water resistant stainless steels
  • 1.4539
  • 1.4529
Steels that can rust

… we do not process !!!