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Drinking Water Tank

Drinking water tanks – for the preservation of our most precious resource

For an optimal supply of drinking water, what is important, is not only the quality of the water, but also how it is stored.

Stainless steel is an ideal material for storing drinking water because it is “inert” and does not allow for any chemical processes. Stainless steel is not subject to corrosion, so it does not rust and thus guarantees long life for a drinking water tank. The preservation of the water quality is guaranteed by using stainless steel for the construction of the tanks.

With EDEL drinking water tanks, you can rely on the vast experience of our experts in layout, design and production. Our excellent knowledge of the industry, combined with the most modern production methods enable us to produce perfect drinking water storage tanks. EDEL is your competent partner for tanks and vessels that optimally store the most precious resource that is: drinking water.

Bolz & EDEL drinking water tanks have stood for quality and reliability for many decades.

Your Options

… in the area of drinking water tanks:

  • Large tank with a capacity of up to 2 million litres
  • Flat bottom tank / flat bottom vessel
  • Water tank / waste water tank
  • Elevated tank / elevated tank
  • Drinking water storage tank
  • Tank welded in cellar/ basement
  • Tank welded on site
  • WHG tank / WHG vessel
  • TRBF vessel / TRBF tank
  • Storage vessel / storage tank
  • Pressure vessel / pressure tank
  • Process vessel / process tank
  • … and much more

Your Variants

… for the individual drinking water tank:

  • Surfaces that meet the highest hygienic demands
  • Heating systems / cooling systems
  • Hot and/or cold insulation
  • All necessary connections
  • A wide selection of fixtures and fittings
  • Manholes, inspection openings
  • Stirrer, magnetic stirrer
  • Fittings, valves, safety devices
  • 3-D monitoring of cleaning
  • Documented maintenance/ quality checks/ FAT
  • Complete documentation
  • … and much more