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Brewery Tank

Brewery tanks – what makes the difference is the production

The production of stainless-steel containers for the brewery sector has always been a matter of trust. With EDEL brewery containers, you can trust in the vast experience of our experts when it comes to layout, design and manufacture. Our excellent knowledge of the industry, combined with the most modern production methods, enable you to produce your beer under the highest hygienic standards. Quality, reliability and safety are paramount both, in the production of our tanks, and in your art of brewing. EDEL is your competent partner for all the types of tanks and containers that you may need in your brewery.

Our brewery tanks are available in different variations. Regardless of whether you want to equip your brewery with fermentation, storage, yeast or water tanks, we offer you the fitting solution when it comes to expanding your business.

Each brewery works in unique ways, often following ancient procedures and or long-standing company traditions. We therefore advise you personally when we answer your enquiry, so that we can construct your ideal brewery tank together with you. After all, the right equipment in the production site is the first important step on the way to customer satisfaction!

EDEL brewery tanks have stood for quality and reliability for many decades.

Your Options

… in the areas of brewery tanks / brewery containers:

  • Fermentation tank / fermentation vessel
  • Storage tank / storage container
  • Pressure tank / pressure vessel
  • ZKG – cylindroconical fermentation tank
  • ZKL – cylindroconical storage tank
  • Yeast tank
  • Tank welded in basement
  • Horizontal tank and container
  • Water tank / waste water tank
  • Tank welded on site
  • CIP tank
  • Whirlpool
  • Pre-run/ post-run tank
  • Buffer tank
  • Hot water tank and cold water tank
  • Draff/ spent grain silo
  • Starter/ Start-up tank
  • Flotation tank
  • Trub tank
  • Open fermentation vat
  • Flat conical fermentation tank
  • Combination tank
  • and much more

Your Variants

… when it comes to individual brewery tanks / brewery containers:

  • Surfaces suitable to meet the highest hygienic demands
  • Heating systems / cooling systems
  • Hot and/or cold insulation
  • All necessary connections
  • A wide selection of fixtures and fittings
  • Manholes, inspection openings
  • Stirrer, magnetic stirrer
  • Fittings, valves, safety devices
  • 3-D monitoring of cleaning
  • Documented maintenance/ quality checks
  • Complete documentation
  • and much more