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Our umbrella for you

– Design & Technology –

Our engineers and technicians work with the latest software solutions. Bolz Apparatebau and EDEL Tank’s ultimate aim is always that our products are of maximum use to YOU as our customer! We won’t leave you standing in the rain!

Progress tracking down to the last detail

– Thanks to ERP –

Our latest ERP system accompanies every vessel project. With this tool we always have a detailed overview over the project for you, which includes a detailed schedule, capacity planning, as well as an overview over all ongoing processes.

Designs in 3-D – or “old school” also in 2-D!

Would you like to see what your stainless-steel vessel will look like before it is finished? No problem, our vessel designers design the desired stainless-steel vessel with our latest 3-D design software in a few simple steps – GMP-compliant and according to you the specific requirements of your industry. Planners and engineering companies in plant construction can easily adopt these 3-D vessel models into their 3-D building structure and, for example, plan the required piping in an easy manner, or check for any interference with other installations. Based on these 3-D models we then create detailed drawings and manufacturing plans for the process vessels and storage tanks for our worldwide customers.

The core aspects our manufacturing processes are clear:

1)… our highly developed welding technology

Welding is of course an absolute essential on the way to creating the process tank or brewery tank. In addition to all known manual welding techniques, the Bolz-EDEL Group relies on the use of automatic welding, as well as welding devices developed in-house. Specialists will of course be familiar with the welding processes used in our production of stainless-steel tanks: WIG / WP / MAG / MIG / E / UP.

2) … our excellent grinding technology

In pharmaceutical process tanks and bioreactors, in cosmetic stirring tanks and the mixing tanks used in food processing, in short in all industries, surfaces that are easy to clean are a basic requirement, be it the inside of the tank that comes into contact with the media, or the outside. With our semi-automatic floor and cone grinding system, our machines and devices for the grinding of surfaces and our experienced team, we guarantee the highest quality in grinding with a consistently homogeneous look. Even a value of Ra 0.25 µm does not present a major challenge to our team.

3)… our controlled electropolishing

Electropolishing is an additional surface finish to grinding. With the help of our strong long-term partnerships at Bolz & EDEL, we have eliminated the risk of errors in this delicate final work. We know what is important and we make our partners responsible for you. Until now, electropolishing was a standard requirement in the field of pharmaceutical and cosmetic vessels, but chemical tanks and special stainless-steel beverage vessels with this level of finish are also increasingly in demand. Here, too, we achieve excellent results ​​for you and offer electropolishing for up to Ra 0.3 µm.