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Pharmaceutical Vessels

Pharmaceutical vessels – no compromises when it comes to safety and quality

Pharmaceutical vessels have very high standards of quality, reliability and safety. The use of flawless, high-quality production machines therefore plays an immensely important role in companies in the pharmaceutical industry. At Bolz & EDEL we permanently meet these high requirements through the use of the latest production technologies, by relying on experienced highly skilled workers and drawing on our extensive industry knowledge. Our outstanding surfaces for insides and exteriors, guaranteed cleanability (riboflavin test), 3-D modelling and design, complete traceability of materials and documentation suitable for pharmaceuticals are just a few examples of the quality standards for our pharmaceutical vessels. Bolz & EDEL manufactures for you according to European and international specifications and standards such as the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), AD2000, ASME, GHOST, WHG, TRBF.

Our pharmaceutical vessels can be used for a variety of different pharmaceutical processes. Whether for pressure generation, heating, cooling, fermentation or preparation, we design suitable vessels for your specific use.

We help each customer individually! Companies in the pharmaceutical-technical sector often have specific wishes and expectations of equipment, machines and processes, depending on the type of product to be manufactured. We therefore offer a large number of possible variations of our pharmaceutical vessels, including different stainless-steel materials, stirrers, heating and cooling systems and much more. We are sure that upon your enquiry we will put together an excellent solution to your product requirements.

Bolz pharmaceutical vessels have stood for quality and reliability for many decades.

Your Options

… in the areas of pharmaceutical vessels:

  • Pressure vessel / pressure tank
  • Process vessel / process tank
  • Storage vessel / storage tank
  • Batch/preparation tank / batch/preparation tank
  • WFI vessel / WFI tank
  • PW vessel / PW tank
  • Stirring tank / stirring tank
  • Vacuum vessel / Vacuum Tank
  • Fermenter / bio fermenter
  • Reactor / bioreactor
  • Inactivation vessel
  • Mobile vessels
  • … and much more

Your Variants

… for the individual pharmaceutical vessel:

  • From 10 L batch/ preparation tanks to 240,000 L WFI pressure tanks
  • Surfaces of up to Ra 0.3 µm ground and electropolished
  • Materials 1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4435, 1.4571, 1.4539, …
  • Heating systems / cooling systems
  • Hot and/or cold insulation
  • All necessary connections
  • A wide selection of fixtures and fittings
  • Manholes, openings for inspections
  • Stirrer, magnetic stirrer
  • Fittings, valves, safety devices
  • 3-D monitoring of cleaning
  • Documented Maintenance/ Quality Checks / FAT
  • Documentation suitable for pharmaceuticals
  • … and much more