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    With GSK, we count one of the world’s leading, research-oriented healthcare companies among our customers. In the pharmaceutical sector, the quality requirements for containers are very high. We face such challenges every day and grow together with our national and international customers. For this project… Read More »GLAXOSMITHKLINE BIOLOGICALS


      AGRANO recognised as early as the 1980s, that there would be a trend towards purely organic end products. In cooperation with universities and colleges, it therefore developed Bioreal® organic yeast and the company has produced this ever since, using a process that is unique in… Read More »AGRANO


        As one of the oldest breweries in Germany, the Allgäuer Brauhaus (brewery) can proudly look back on more than 600 years of tradition. The brewery’s range includes various classics and several beer specialties, including various types of ‘swing-stopper bottle’ beers and the Allgäuer Büble beer,… Read More »ALLGÄUER BREWERY


          In March 2016, we were able to supply two EDEL storage tanks to this valued, long-standing customer. The family brewery in Petting / Schönram combines tradition and progress and has already made a name for itself in the emerging craft beer scene. The brewery has… Read More »PRIVATE BREWERY SCHÖNRAM


            By March 2016, two large, flat-conical EDEL fermentation tanks were designed and manufactured for the Karmeliten Braurei (Brewery). More than 1,000 working hours go into these high-quality fermentation tanks, which were delivered to Straubing by special transport. Product specifics: 397 hl total content per fermentation… Read More »KARMELITEN BREWERY


              Thanks to the Drinking Water Ordinance, tap water is the best controlled foodstuff in Germany and has to meet high quality standards. These demands require constant investment, when maintaining the public water supply systems. The municipality of Markt Bad Grönenbach has made such an investment,… Read More »MARKT BAD GRÖNENBACH

              SONNENBRÄU AG

                Excellent beer is also brewed in Switzerland. That’s what we’ve been doing at Sonnenbräu AG for 125 years. It is thanks to four generations of brewers, that one of the original 34 breweries in the Rhine Valley has survived, and that with an increasing output… Read More »SONNENBRÄU AG

                RÜTTEN AG

                  Rütten Engineering was founded in 1993. Today the company is established in the field of sterile technology and is very successful when it comes to stirring, filling sterile liquids into containers, their storage and transport. Product Specifics: New capacity: 500 l and 1,000 l Diameter:… Read More »RÜTTEN AG