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    As one of the oldest breweries in Germany, the Allgäuer Brauhaus (brewery) can proudly look back on more than 600 years of tradition.

    The brewery’s range includes various classics and several beer specialties, including various types of ‘swing-stopper bottle’ beers and the Allgäuer Büble beer, a traditional beer that is also known far beyond the Allgäu.

    For the future success of the Allgäuer Brauhaus, we were able to deliver a high-quality, cylindroconical EDEL fermentation tank in April 2016.

    INFOs zum Produkt:

    • 2.000 hl Totalinhalt
    • Durchmesser 5.200 mm
    • Gewicht 15.000 kg
    • Klöpperboden oben | Konus unten
    • mit Heiz- / Kühlzonen
    • isoliert